As I continue to gather information here and there about cotton farming, I thought, I should collect this somewhere so other people can read it too! So I’m slowly going to be adding links to articles and websites that I’ve found useful, along with descriptions about them. Slowly is the key word in that sentence!

U.S. government subsidies

The United States gives millions of dollars to Brazil’s cotton farmers in order to be able to keep giving billions of dollars to its own cotton farmers. YOUR TAX MONEY IS FUNDING BIG AG. NOT JUST IN THE U.S. Read about it in an article from Time (April 2010). I’m surprised that the author didn’t mention anything about the struggling cotton farmers in India. NPR’s Planet Money ran a story that explains how the US came to pay Brazilian cotton farmers this $147 MILLION bribe. THIS IS BLOWING MY MIND AND MAKING MY BLOOD BOIL! I haven’t been able to find out if the US government still writes this check to Brazilian cotton farmers, but I can only imagine they do, since they definitely still dole out money to US cotton farmers.

A nice chart on US Cotton Subsidies from 1995-2010. From 1995-2010 the US paid $31 billion dollars in subsidies for cotton.

Other Blogs and Websites:

Farmers’ Rights Activist, Kishor Tiwari: blog

Institute of Science in Society: science society sustainability. The Institute of Science in society is a not for profit organisation dedicated to providing critical and accessible scientific information to the public and to promoting social accountability and ecological sustainability in science.

im4change: a web resource on India’s rural crises–ideas, facts & concerns

Sanhati: Fighting Neoliberalism in Bengal and beyond

Food Freedom: A non-commercial blog devoted to those articles that address food safety, food freedom–the right to choose your own food or farmer, and food sovereignty–the right of nations to determine food safety standards and appropriate ag technologies despite trade agreements.

Documentaries and Videos

Nero’s Guests: a hard-hitting and inspiring documentary about farmer suicides in India

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