One week left!

Hello, friends!

I have 7 days left to raise the remaining $3,300 for my Indiegogo project “100% Cotton.”

Now more than ever I am really feeling the urgency of raising this money.

I’ve spent the last week working on hiring a translator and project partner. I’m happy to say I’ve found a woman named Shubhada who has a background in working with farmers across Maharashtra on issues of sustainability, mostly through documentary films that she films and produces. Her husband helps farmers save indigenous seeds. She has a great interest in learning more about the experiences of cotton farmers in the Vidarbha region and she has even been through a few workshops on processing cotton, spinning, weaving, and natural dyeing. She is a great fit for the work and I am thrilled to have connected with her.

With Shubhada’s connections, there will likely be opportunities for us to travel around India to meet with her colleagues and other artists. With a few extra dollars, our budget will allow for the kind of flexibility that is so crucial in a fluid and ever-evolving project like this. Raising the additional funds will also allow me to work with Shubhada for 5 weeks instead of just 3.

If you can help by making a contribution, I would very much appreciate it. If making a financial contribution isn’t possible for you, I would love it if you could share my project with your friends and family. The more people that hear about the project, the better, even if they can’t contribute. One of my goals for this project is to raise awareness and use art as a tool to address the struggles that cotton farmers face. Sharing my Indiegogo campaign with people is the first step in this process and one of the reasons I chose to do a crowdfunding campaign.

Thanks! And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for updates on the project.

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