September 20th is gonna come too soon!

Hey friends! I recently traveled to Mumbai to plead with officials at the Foreign Regional Registration Office to allow me to stay in India and keep working on this research for a few extra months. Just till the middle of December. Pleeeeeease?!!


So it looks like I’ll be leaving India a few months earlier than I wanted. (Man! I was hoping to stay for the first harvest of cotton AND avoid all the messiness of this presidential campaign and election…) Even though I knew the likelihood of this happening was great, I had not been preparing for this. SO. The next 3 weeks are going to be insanely busy but I hope that I can post some stuff before I’m back stateside.

On Monday I’m giving a lecture at LAD College, the college that my translator attends. Hopefully I can pull some of that lecture together into a post.

And then it’s going to be a blur of finishing editing a narrative, one last trip to Mulgavan (at least one last trip in 2012…I’ll be back I’m sure), getting thank you gifts in order, packing my bags and seeing how much stuff I actually have acquired and if it all will fit…and more!

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