Taking a bit of a break

Hey friends!

I took a lovely break in Kerala at the Fulbright South and Central Asia conference and traipsed around afterwards with some fellow Fulbrighters. When I got back to Nagpur I stumbled upon a potential collaboration opportunity with the San Francisco non-profit Voice of Witness. So  I postponed my return to Mulgavan and have been shuttling back and forth between Nagpur and Pandharkawada. I’m conducting interviews with two widows of cotton farmers. In the next few weeks I’ll find out if those interviews can be included in an upcoming book on which Voice of Witness is working. We’ll see. But that’s what’s keeping me busy these days.

In terms of the blog… Honestly, I’m feeling like I just want to focus on what I’m doing here. Of course I want many of you to know what I am doing and how it is all turning out. But right now I’m feeling like the blogging process is slowing down my work process. So I’m declaring a vacation from the blog for a little while.

Don’t know when I’ll get back to it, but soon I hope. In the meantime, I hope all of you in the United States are enjoying spring. It’s upwards of 100 degrees Fahrenheit here and only getting hotter.


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