by the numbers

Alright folks! Robin and I had big plans to make a video tour of the flat but we were whisked away for some Ganpati celebrations (look for a blog and pictures soon! I promise!). So instead, a short and sweet “by the numbers.”

Number of stairs that we climb every time the elevator doesn’t work: 136

Number of times this week that we’ve eaten at Kareem’s
(the dangerously delicious restaurant downstairs from us): 2

Number of switches in our flat: 54

Number of times we thought we were finally moving into our flat: 3

Average number of locks per door: 3

Number of plastic lawn chairs that came with the flat: 6

Number of bags left by our German predecessor
(which she will retrieve sometime this week, we hope): 12

Number of forks that came with the flat: 12

Number of mugs that came with the flat: 2

Number of light fixtures with no light bulbs: 6

Number of sandwiches left in the panini press when we moved in: 1

Number of times we plan on using this panini press: 0

Number of rupees that our German predecessors expected us
to pay as compensation for said panini press: 1,500

Number of random hooks in our flat: 23

Number of awkward family photos of Aga Khan: 1

Number of bequeathed pets named Johnny: 1

Number of times we’ve changed Johnny’s water: 0
(neither of us really know how to take care of a fish…)

Number of matches that we’ve gone through in the last 12 days: at least 150

Number of hours I’ve spent studying Marathi this weekend: not enough

Time to hit the books! Until next time friends!

6 thoughts on “by the numbers

  1. Number of times I have re-written this post: 3
    Number of times I have asked Aria not to play in Aaron’s room while she is away: 0 (wow!)
    Number of times I have told others what Aaron is doing in India: easily over a hundred
    Number of times Joon expects to go outside when someone comes to the door: ALL!

    Number of times I am proud of what you are doing: infinite!

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  3. Aaron,
    Your adventure is fascinating. I look forward to keeping up with the blog.
    Movie Night keeps happening. I met friends of your family at the CS Reading Room in Mamaroneck, NY while visiting my sister. Don’t see enough of my dear studio asst., Erica, because she has entered Graduate School at Maryville in Education. Margaret started a lovely poetry night. We’ve met once. Sammy and Ryan are in Montana but still have residence in Elsah. Life goes on.

    Best Love, Sun

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