espresso shots & loose toe stops

another day off. completely full.

cleaning.   conversation with sister.    meeting.    lunch with gramma and papa.    back to school.    check in with student.    power nap.    roastery.    training.    grind beans.    smooth out grinds.    tamp.    time it.    taste it.    repeat.    change in bathroom.    hop in car.    drive.    put on pads.    put on skates.    skate.    sprint.    squat.    weave.    one point fall.    two point fall.    four point fall.    slide.    jump.    glide.    sprint.    block.    weave.    sprint.    plank.    push ups.    sit ups.    squat.    sweat.    take off skates.    get in car.    drive.    eat.    talk.    shower.    shave.    blog.    bed.

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