running on trails

I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny day. The wind whipped down the mountain and teased me saying, “Good luck enjoying a sun dress today.” I rocked my blue dress any ways.

I had lots to do today. So much for a day off. And, as usual, I didn’t get half of the things done that I wanted to do. But my run this afternoon made up for it.

I am in love with Colorado—her hazy distant mountains and rolling blue skies, the way the whispy cotton clouds’ shadows dance across her rocky surfaces, the crisp spring sunlight. She is glorious and I am fortunate to get to live here.

I ran a trail today. I parked my car by the trailhead amidst dozens of cars parked while children played their soccer games in the lingering sun. It stays up so late these days! I threw on shorts and my hot pink tank top that Laurie sent me, tied up my running shoes, and set off up a steep hill (ok, mountain). The air was thin and the sun felt amazing on my bare shoulders. I could almost hear my skin laughing and singing “finally! finally I can breathe!” Out of breath and beginning to sweat, I finally made it to the top of the steep section and continued a nice easy jog up a dirt road while looking out across the valley. Everything is so much more alive in the spring. I’m sad that I won’t be staying here for the summer, but excited to see what New York has in store for me.

The road continued but I turned down back onto the trail and began my favorite part of the run: the downhill stretch. I let go and flowed past fellow runners making their way up the trail. A few folks walked along with their dogs, enjoying this beautiful spring afternoon. Before I knew it I was bending with the trail to move alongside the river. How exhilarating—running next to the sparkling water that moves over rocks and has begun to beckon kayakers for another boating season. As I ran I felt the energy of the water rushing through my legs, one long stride at a time. In the near distance I saw the bridge that marked the beginning and end of my run. I wasn’t ready for the run to be over. But I also wasn’t ready to climb uphill again, which I would have had to do if I wanted to continue. My feet hit the bridge, echoing across the river as my strides slowed to a walk. Another day in Colorado. I only have a few left, but I know they are going to be spectacular!

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